Where do I find my tyre size?

If you want a quote on tyres but are unsure on what sizes/specs you should ask for – refer to this helpful diagram! We may ask you to check the tyre size information on your car in order for us to provide you with the best quote. If we do, this diagram shows where you can find t

What is aquaplaning?

Aquaplaning (or hydroplaning) occurs when the water that is between your tyres and the surface of the road can’t be removed quickly enough. This water builds up in front of the tyres until the pressure of the water exceeds the pressure of the tyre on the road. This results in the tyre

Why is wheel alignment important?

A wheel alignment is important because proper wheel alignment: improves your cars handling can increase the performance in conjunction with the right tyres at the right air pressure, can decrease your fuel consumption can make your tyres last longer A bad wheel alignment will cause th

How to know when your tyres need replacing

Do you know how to tell when your car is due for a new set of tyres? If not – read on… this information is essential for every car owner! Did you realise that your tyres are the only part of your car that makes constant contact with the road? You can have all the safety equipment in t

What are eco friendly tyres?

Most people don’t associate the term ‘eco friendly’ or ‘green’ with tyres on their cars! But ongoing research and technological developments now mean Australian drivers can choose more eco-friendly tyre options. Some of the major manufacturers now offer lower rolling resistance tyres