Established in 1999, Beerwah Discount Tyres & Batteries has a long history of commitment to customers!

Beerwah Discount Tyres & Batteries is a independent, family owned and operated local business. And with over 30 years experience in the tyre industry, you can be sure that Directors Adrian & Tonya Hammond will give you the best advice!

Adrian and Tonya’s daughter Tamika is in charge of running the show – which is why you will find such an efficiently run business!

Honest service for every customer

We pride ourselves on always talking honestly with our customers about tyres – whatever the tyre brand or style. Safety is important and when we’re talking cheap tyre prices, you can trust us to give you the best tyre advice for your vehicle. If you are unsure on what you need, that’s absolutely no problem. Let our friendly, experienced staff  help you choose the best option.


Feeling a little intimidated by the whole process?

One of the special differences about the Beerwah Discount Tyre store is that we have female staff in store who can answer any and all of your questions. We know that some of our female customers feel a little intimidated by the concept of buying tyres or ensure they always bring along a “handy man friend” or partner to do the talking.

We have had female customers tell us before that they were made to feel ‘stupid’ or ‘silly’ for not knowing much about tyres. We will never do that to you! Hey, it’s not your job to know tyres – that’s our job! We don’t expect you to come in and know it all – just like you wouldn’t expect us to come into your work place and know everything either! So come on in and have a chat with Tamika or one of the girls. They will put what you need to know into plain english and answer any questions that you may have.